the art-craft of teaching yoga
5 Qualities That Make Me a Better Yoga Teacher
1. I take my work very seriously (but i remember that a sense of humor is essential.)
This is a matter of an inner motivation. The important question to ask myself is: What is the reason I am here? What is my wish? I find answers, and teach from those answers. This is huge, please think about this.

2. I continuously aspire to improve my skills.
Thinking about the craft of teaching, reading about teaching, participating in teacher training activities, and practicing teaching (the practice of using different teaching skills) are just the preparation for the improvement.

My personal yoga practice creates the foundation. For Hot Yoga teachers, I recommend self-practice: not going to other teachers classes, other than just occasionally. Self-practice means you, on the mat, alone, with no instructions—now, practice. (I know that's hard.)

3. I consistently perform on the highest level.
The ability to teach good yoga classes requires my utmost attention. The attention must be simultaneously directed inward (I observe myself and regulate myself) as well as outward (I'm observing, evaluating, and facilitating.)

The quality of my attention will determine the quality of my ability to be successful. The more attention, the more success. It can be as simple as that.
I realize that teaching is very much about communication.

4. I'm clean
I strive to speak clean, look clean, smell clean. I leave my suitcase (emotional or mental luggage) outside the yoga studio's front door.

5. I'm stubborn
I insist on having things my own way, because I realize that a big part of my work is about inner confidence. This goes beyond being-interested-only-in-myself kind of narcissistic, young person's confidence. I am talking about an inner self-confidence that gives me the right projection, the right tone, and the right appearance. Being stubborn and inwardly confident is extremely important in my line of work.

By the way, I must tell you that as a yoga studio owner, when it comes to hiring yoga teachers to work with, I would be looking for those 5 qualities to decide, if they're the right teacher for us.

Good luck using those simple pointers.
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