Yoga Teachers: On Perfectionism

by Tomasz Goetel

Perfectionism is the enemy of a yoga practitioner who works as a yoga teacher. It will keep you insane your whole life, and it is the main obstacle between you and teaching a good yoga class.

Perfectionism will ruin your teaching. It blocks playfulness, it blocks your ability to solve problems, it blocks the flow of prana. Perfectionism totally fills up the space which otherwise would be vacant for the Spirit (in-spiration) to pour into.

Perfectionism means that you are desperately trying not to mess things up. But the men and women who come to your class are a mess (I say that respectfully). They don’t want a perfect teacher. They want a helpful one. Your perfectionism makes them hold their breath, but you know that’s not what they need. They need to breathe.

Therefore, you yourself relax, breathe. Be present. Be engaged. Be competent.

Let things go as they need to go. Your teaching will then flourish, and you will know it.

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