On Metabolism
by Arnold Ehret
"Metabolism, or the "science of change of matter", is the most absurd and the most dangerous doctrine-teaching ever imposed on mankind. It is the father of the wrong cell theory and of that most erroneous albumen theory, which latter theory will kill and stamp out the entire civilized Western world if its following is not stopped. It will kill you, too, some day, if you fail to accept the truth that a continual albumen replacement is unnecessary, and that you cannot gain vitality, efficiency and health by protein as long as your human "engine" must work against obstructions, which are in fact, the cause of death of all mankind of the Western civilization.

The erroneous idea that the cells of the body are continually used up by the process of life in their essential substance of protein and must be continually replaced by high protein foods, can be and are evidently refuted by my investigations, experiments and observations on some hundreds of fasters. The facts are as follows, and you will again see that it is just as I teach and as I have experienced. What Medicine calls and sees as Metabolism is the elimination of waste by the body as soon as the stomach is empty. Medicine actually believes that you live from your own flesh substance as soon as you are fasting. Even Dr. Kellogg believes that the vegetarian becomes a meat-eater when he fasts, and Naturopathy has taken over more or less in principle these medical errors.

One believes that the human engine cannot run a minute without solid food, protein and fat, and makes the erroneous conclusion that man dies and must die from starvation as soon as all his fat and protein is used up during a fast. I found and have this to state: lean people can fast easier and longer than fat ones. The Hindu fakir, consisting of skin and bones, the leanest type in existence, can fast the longest time, and without suffering. Where is there any "using up of the body" in this instance? I further found that the cleaner the body from waste (mucus), the easier and longer one can fast. Therefore, a fast has to be prepared by an eliminating and laxative diet.

My world record of watched fasting of 49 days could be done under the conditions imposed only after using a strict mucusless diet during a long period of time. In other words, I could stand this long fast, and you can stand a fast much easier and much longer the more the body is free from fat—which is partly decomposed, watery flesh—the more the body is free from mucus and poisons, which are eliminated as soon as eating is stopped, entirely or partly. The human body does not expel, burn up or use up a single cell that is in vital condition! The cleaner, the more free from obstructions from waste the body is, the easier and the longer you can fast with water and air alone! The limit where real starvation sets in is yet unknown! The Catholic Church claims tests of holy people who fasted during decades.

But the medical error even grows by teaching Metabolism, claiming that you must replace cells (which are not used up as you can plainly see) with high protein food from a cadaver, partly decomposed meat, and which has gone thru a most destructive heat process of cooking! That fact is that you accumulate more or less of the wastes in your system in the shape of mucus and its poisons as the slowly growing foundation of your disease and the ultimate cause of your death. Human imagination is evidently not sufficient to conceive the tremendous foolishness of this doctrine and its consequences, unmindful that its teachings are actually said to kill the individual and to finally kill all mankind!

Medicine—and the average man, of course—also believes that you are growing flesh and increasing health if you daily increase your weight by "good eating". If the colon of a so-called "healthy" fat man is cleaned of his accumulated feces, even though he has "regular" stools, he at once loses from 5 to 10 pounds of the weight called "health". Weight of feces, figured by doctors as health! Can you imagine anything more erroneous, more wrong, more foolish, and at the same time more dangerous to your health and life? That is the medical "Science" of Metabolism."
Taken from Mucusless Diet Healing System by Arnold Ehret, written 100 years ago. See book on Amazon

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