Hot Yoga Teachers: 20 Quick Improvements

Is it possible that an average hot yoga class is too hot, there’s not enough air to breathe, and the teacher is acting ‘weird’ as she pushes the Students into the correct alignment?

Is it possible that an average hot yoga teacher, working full time, has little time to practice, does not meditate, gets paid not much, and is generally serious, a bit bored, and not as inspired as they used to be?

Can you think of a hot yoga teacher that you’ve known for a few years, and as you look back in time you realize that their vitality has gone down, they’re not having fun any more like they used to?

Here are some quick improvements for a hot yoga teacher, which will allow for more happiness for themselves and their students:

  1. Meet your students before class and know their injuries
  2. Relax
  3. The heat? turn it down a bit
  4. Make sure there’s air to breathe
  5. Smile often, break the ice
  6. Make eye contact often
  7. Male teachers - speedos are out - just ask any woman
  8. Female teachers - teaching in a bikini is a very weird thing to do
  9. speak - pause - speak - pause - speak - speak - pause - speak - pause - pause
  10. Offer modifications without interrupting the flow of the class
  11. Give intermediate students direct corrections and adjustments
  12. Give the advanced students some good stuff
  13. Please leave the beginners alone (watch video here and here)
  14. As you leave the beginners alone, keep an eye on them to make sure they don’t hurt themselves
  15. Now that you’ve left the beginners alone and are keeping an eye on them, give them plenty of encouragement
  16. You don’t have to control everything and everybody around you
  17. Walk beautifully between students’ mats, not on the them (watch video)
  18. Get paid more per class
  19. Teach no more than 2 classes a day
  20. Get a non-yoga hobby
  21. Grow in self-practice and meditation

Okay, so it’s 21. =)

In my approach to teaching, we look at improvements like those above in detail.

Do you have more pointers that work for you? If yes, what are they?

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