Detox, Therapeutics, Vitality

  • Dr. Bernard Jensen’s tissue cleansing through colon management program

  • Dr. John Christopher’s herbs, the 3-Day Cleanse, and the Mucus-less (Hippocratic) Diet

  • Sebastian Kneipp’s “Cold Water Cure”

  • Natural hygiene and therapeutics
  • Rational fasting and meditation

Our Approach

Your attention can be given to the colon function (or, perhaps, dysfunction). The under-active condition of your elimination organs influences the development of dis-ease in your body. The colon can be the cesspool of the body or it can be the spring from which the water of life flows.

For the colon management (with or without enemas) and aligned dietary changes that follow, we are indebted to Dr. Bernard Jensen as well as our time spent at Atmanjai in Thailand, counseling clients during their regenerative detoxification retreat programs. Also, having studied the work of Dr. John Christopher, we can prepare the 3-day cleanse, which may be useful to a courageous beginner. We may then follow up with Dr. Christopher’s herbs which address the function of the kidneys, lower bowel, liver and gallbladder, and blood.

“Cold Water Cure”

We find the “Cold Water Cure” of Fr. Sebastian Kneipp to be of immense value to any modern, busy, nervous, constipated, and/or overweight person. Cold water therapy has much to offer to seniors, too.

Hygienics and Dietetics

We have been using simple hygienics where we do everything to strengthen tissues and improve elimination:

  • dry skin brushing
  • steam room and sauna
  • sleeping in good ventilation or outdoors
  • mind-full walking: on sand, on stones, in the hills, barefoot on wet grass
  • abdominal massages on a slanted board
  • elimination diets, high-fiber diets, juice- (liquid-) diets, probiotic diets, watermelon diets
  • rational fasting and yogic meditation

Let's talk together about you

If a custom-tailored program follows, there is no pressure, we can either price it for you or you can make a voluntary donation. We begin with a conversation, free of charge, so that we can hear about your particular life-situation as well as your aches and pains.

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