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"Your Voice, Your Success"
A book for yoga teachers and everyone who speaks for a living.

Increase your confidence, income, charisma, popularity, feel powerfully effective and make a bigger difference in the world as your peers deeply enjoy your presence.
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Hi, apple eaters and those who don’t eat apples. (I think that covers everyone.) Welcome.
I'm an ordinary person. This website isn't selling anything. I simply put up some information for you in case you googled me, or took my yoga teacher training before, or have been curious why I'm not writing yoga-related posts on facebook anymore (I found social media to be unhealthy and exhausting, but my Yoga Blog can still be found), or you want to learn to relax, or perhaps you've read my book and want to know who the writer is. So here.
The most important thing for me is to not be stupid. I study. Without study, we’d be in a terrible danger of taking educated people seriously.
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A bit about me
I can be a bad guy but I’m trying not to—and that’s something good.

Paraphrasing Nietzsche, after both the paradise and the debauchery of my bygone younger years, my bliss is like that of a man who had suffered shipwreck, climbed ashore, and now stands with both feet on the firm old ground—amazed that it does not waver.
I edit, format, and present high-quality books from the Public Domain
I work at Atmanjai
A wellness spa and yoga center in Phuket, Thailand.
We offer regenerative detox programs which are known for their effectiveness and bring many people from all over the world to stay with us. Our cleanse method follows the course designed by Dr. Bernard Jensen. There are pre– and post–cleanse courses to transition you in and out of your fast.
My yoga class
Want to join like in the old days?
I hope that you enjoy watching my Hot Yoga Evolution session on YouTube. This is a beginner-friendly 90-minute Hot Yoga class. The posture instructions include modifications for beginners and for students with injuries; occasionally, I add variations for the more experienced practitioners.
Yoga teachers
For those who wish to continue their education
I wanted to compress some important and useful advice into about three minutes. Please watch and comment.
Plaudite, amici, comoedia finita est.
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