Companionship for Seniors

We offer companionship and non-medical care for seniors

I am available to spend time with any lovely elderly man or woman residing in Ibiza as a visiting care-taker, or as a live-in companion (in Switzerland only).

We can help part-time with many aspects of companionship, personal care, and mobility.

Usually, my working hours can be 2 days a week, around 4 hours per day, the days can be flexible.

What we do:

  • Help with light personal care and anything non-medical that’s needed
  • Provide companionship and conversation 
  • Accompany the person to church, outings, shopping trips, or appointments
  • Help with email, internet, smartphone, computer questions, etc.
  • Prepare meals and fresh juices
  • Help with housekeeping duties and maintaining the home
  • Ensure the person is safe, comfortable, and content

If the older person has a dog, we are pet-friendly and have much experience with canines.

We have a driver’s license with a clean record.

The companionship is provided for free, for a donation, or for a fee—depending on the circumstances of the elderly person or their family.

If you would like to speak with me, please call +34 641 314 73, or video call WhatsApp +66 93 7878 363.


Companionship and Conversation

Our society has changed dramatically over the past few decades, and families no longer spend as much time together as they used to.

As we age, our social connection with others falls to pieces, leaving us alone, with only the television, radio, and computer to keep us company. A fear of falling over may prevent us from getting out and about on our own, and if we are no longer able to drive, we feel as though we are prisoners in our own house.

Having someone to sit with and talk with can make a lonely older person’s day. Oftentimes, just knowing that someone is coming to see them is a motivator to get up, bathe, and get dressed in fresh clothes.

Reminiscing about the past, interacting with another person, passing on their bits of wisdom gained over a lifetime, all can all help a lonely older person to re-engage with themselves and the world in the most meaningful way. An engaging conversation can quickly dispel the misery of loneliness.

Here is how to contact me
if you need something
or would like to say some words

My email address:

Tel. +34 641 314 730
WhatsApp +66 93 7878 363