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Hi, apple eaters and those who don’t eat apples. (I think that covers everyone.) Welcome.
I’m an ordinary person. This website isn’t selling anything. I simply put up some information for you in case you googled me, or took my yoga teacher training before, or have been curious why I’m not writing yoga-related posts online anymore (I found social media to be unhealthy and exhausting), or perhaps you read my book and want to know who the writer is. So here.
A bit about me
The most important thing for me is to not be stupid. I study. Without study, we’d be in a terrible danger of taking educated people seriously.
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I’m a bad guy but I’m trying not to be—and that’s something good.

Haven’t had an easy life, as an Asch- and Milgram-negative—that’s for sure. In retrospect, that low agreeableness of mine turned out to be a blessing, but now I know there are higher things than my ego’s will and to these I must bow; it is true what The Pixies sang, “If Man is five then the Devil is six; and if the Devil is six, then God is seven.”
Find me at Atmanjai
Atmanjai is wellness spa and yoga center in Phuket, Thailand. Following the methods of Dr. Bernard Jensen, we offer regenerative detox programs of graduated intensity. There are pre- and post-cleanse courses to transition you in and out of your fast. See website
Effective Guidelines for Yoga Teachers and Everyone Who Speaks for a Living
In less than 100 pages, let this book offer you some big advice, in a friendly tone, about how to use your voice to find more success in your work and personal life.
Work experience as an older man
Writer and Independent Publisher
I wrote the book titled Your Voice, Your Success, which is available on Amazon.

I can help with independent book publishing through KDP to paperback and format a book for Kindle/Google Books/iBooks book launch.

I design websites and posters as well as write content for online publishing.

I’m writing my next books, this time one on dietetics and another on philosophy.
Detox Consultant
I offer detox and wellness counseling for individuals and small groups.

During my time in Switzerland, I gave some public talks on wellness, diet, and a balanced lifestyle. Now, at Atmanjai, I consult Clients on detox, weight management, stress management, fitness, and yoga programs.
Yoga Teacher and Course Director
In the last 15 years, I taught over 12,500 hours of yoga. As a professional, full-time yoga teacher, I got into all aspects of teaching yoga in the modern world, some in partnership with Absolute Yoga, and some under the banner of my own Yoga Expert Academy education suite. In 2014, with Cherry Wang, we co-created the Beijing's YIHE42 Yoga Academy.

I’m a bit of an expert on Hot Yoga, Hatha Yoga, and yoga teacher courses. I quit casinos so that I could teach yoga classes full time, serving as an assistant to Jimmy Barkan in the United States. My time with Jimmy led me to create my own style of Hot Yoga, which I called the Hot Yoga Evolution. After I had moved to live in Asia in 2006, I opened, grew and eventually sold my own yoga studio Yoga Evolution Phuket, which enjoyed a 7-year successful run serving thousands of clients. I am grateful for having been able to assist many yoga practitioners, who showed me that teaching and learning are the same.

I am currently on a sabbatical leave from teaching yoga programs so that I can dedicate myself to personal practice and study.
My work experience as a younger man
Casino Operations
I worked as a croupier, trainer, boxman, supervisor, floorman, and surveillance operator, across Poland, Belgium, the USA, the Caribbean, Monaco, Germany, Bermuda, and Russia.

Due to an uncommon combination of certain personality traits I was able to excel at the dealing of and supervision of table games.
Professional Gambling
I played Blackjack professionally as a way to cure a gambling habit. I also played poker as a business during my 5 years on cruise ships. The decade spent facilitating gambling and playing cards for a living combined into the greatest degree in psychology I could have ever obtained.
Dog Psychologist
Following my guru Cesar Millan’s approach and methods, I helped people understand their dog’s needs better. In particular, I became proficient at mastering the walk which is the key to the non-violent way of shaping canine behavior.
Want to join my class like in the old days?
I know what it takes to teach a proper yoga class.
Here’s one filmed at my studio
About this website
I intend to publish here some of the detox protocols we’ve been having people work with. I will also post some of my writing. The ancients believed that we think with our tongues; I believe that there is a way for me to think through the means of writing. There are several subjects I must write about, in order to be able to think and understand more about them, for example:
> the parallels between casino gambling and religious rituals;
> would a serious practice of Hatha Yoga and yoga meditation benefit or harm a European;
> why a modern man would dig himself a grave with his own fork.

If you’re interested in any of that, please let me know—I will keep you posted.
Plaudite, amici, comedia finita est.
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