Hi, apple eaters and those who don’t eat apples. (I think that covers everyone.) Welcome.

Hi, apple eaters and those who don’t eat apples. (I think that covers everyone.) Welcome.

My name is Tomasz Goetel

I can be a bad guy but I’m trying not to—and that’s something good.

I live in Ibiza, Spain.

I’m an ordinary person. This website isn’t selling anything. I simply put up some information for you in case you googled me. Or took my yoga teacher training in the past and would like to reconnect with me. Or perhaps you’ve read my book and want to know more about the author. So here.

At 50 years old, I understand that there are higher things than my ego’s will and to those I must bow. I prefer what is living to what is dead. It is true what The Pixies sang: If Man is five, then the Devil is six—and if the Devil is six, then God is seven.

I live a simple life on Ibiza. I work on a farm. At home, I  am with my friends: Ivan Illich, Sergio Quinzio, Jacques Ellul, Simone Weil, C. G. Jung, Mircea Eliade, Northrop Frye, F. Chopin, J. S. Bach, M. Heidegger, Stanisław Lem, and several others. And the One from Nazareth. I focus on private study.

I do this peculiar meditation where I wonder whether my next breath might be the last. Do you know the story of the old Rabbi to whom his wife said, I have to wash your socks? He took off his shoe and gave her one sock. She said, can’t you give me the second one? He said, no, I never get out of both shoes at the same time. I want to be ready when the Messiah comes.

Companionship for Seniors in Ibiza and Switzerland

Available to spend time with any lovely elderly man or woman, I am keen to help with various aspects of companionship, personal care, and mobility.


A collection of articles, photos, and videos created by me or persons who I admire
On the Time to Come

On the Time to Come

“If the powers that govern the world felt they had to resort to such extreme measures and devices as biosecurity and sanitation terror, which they instigated everywhere and without reservation, but which now threaten to get out of hand, this is because they feared according to every evidence of having no other choice to survive

The Hubris Syndrome

The Hubris Syndrome

Power corrupts. Out-of-control egos, reckless decision-making, arrogance and contempt for others could suggest leaders in the grip of what is called Hubris Syndrome

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