A Healthy Change Begins Here

Wellness Consultations & Meaningful Conversations

A Healthy Change Begins Here

Wellness Consultations & Meaningful Conversations

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I offer you a free consultation. What’s going on with your health? What are you suffering from and what is your plan on how to fix it? Please tell me everything.

If we feel that we’d want to go further, we will make an appointment to discuss a wealth of practical ideas on how to improve your lifestyle, nutrition, personal habits, and thinking—all in order to work your way toward better health.

Wellness Consultation

What We Will Achieve

An understanding of good health, bad health, and what makes the difference.

I want to make you aware that there is a way to revolutionize your health and well-being, without going to a doctor and without hospital visits.

The underactive condition of your elimination organs influences the development of illness and disease in your body. The intimate connection between the bowel and internal organs determines future dis-ease and dysfunction. We are going to turn this around.


Next, an Assessment and a Plan to Help You With:

  • Chronic disease
  • Long-term trouble with body weight
  • Acute conditions
  • Myths related to nutrition, fitness, and longevity
  • Pre and post-natal health, male and female
  • Preventative measures against illness
  • Improving overall health for yourself and family
  • Optimising your stamina
  • Postural correction and breathing
  • There’s more

I Show You How to Find More of:

First and most important: meaning to life. I use the principles of logotherapy to work on the understanding of this. The process may be supported by autogenic relaxation, guided meditation, and/or breathing and postural corrections.

Your better ability to handle stress, regulate anxiety, get rid of depression, increase inspiration, rekindle creativity, come back to being excited about life—that’s what you get.



Analysis and Interpretation of the Iris

Iridology is the art and science of analyzing the color and structure of the iris of the eye to gain valuable health information. Working together with my colleague in the US, I can provide you with the reading and assessment. Find out:

  • The current condition: where exactly your body is inflamed or suffers from suppression, sometimes even without you begin aware of it. The most common current conditions identified by “reading the eye” are bowel-kidney-brain-glandular (dis)functions, circulation, stress. Also, importantly, mineral deficiencies, immune function, and waste accumulation
  • Your body’s inherent weaknesses and strengths
  • Learn specifics of how YOU can integrate nutrition, and what kind of nutrition, in order to build health

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The Key to Excellent Health: Cleansing the Colon

Nothing has changed since Dr. John Harvey Kellogg said a century ago that “90% of diseases are due to improper functioning of the colon.

There is much talk today about the importance of colon cleansing, but how does having healthy intestines actually improve your health?

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