A Healthy Change Begins Here

Wellness Consultations & Meaningful Conversations

A Healthy Change Begins Here

Wellness Consultations & Meaningful Conversations

I can help you do what is the most important: REMOVE THE CAUSE OF BAD HEALTH.

Full of practical, actionable advice and surprising nutritional advice, the conversation with me is just what you need to live a long and healthy life.

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I offer you a free consultation. What’s going on with your health? What are you suffering from and what is your plan on how to fix it? Please tell me.

If we feel that we’d want to go further, we will make an appointment to discuss a wealth of practical ideas on how to improve your lifestyle, nutrition, personal habits, and thinking—all in order to work your way toward better health.

The treatment of diseases which are due to the violation of Nature’s laws: purification of blood and tissues from within and building up of the vital fluids (blood and lymph) on a natural basis through normal habits of eating, dressing, bathing, breathing, working, resting, and thinking.

In severe cases which have reached the chronic stage, the treatment must be supplemented by the more aggressive methods of strict diet and detoxification. (More about detoxification and food here)

The First Great Law
The living body must function always in the direction of health, and sickness is the effect of obstructing the natural function

The Second Great Law
Sickness is the result of body’s struggle to eliminate the internal waste resulting from bad environment and bad habits

The Third Great Law
Each person has a healthy core and may find the tools to use their inner core. Life offers you purpose and meaning; it does not owe you a sense of fulfillment or happiness.

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