A Healthy Change Begins Here

Wellness Consultations & Meaningful Conversations

A Healthy Change Begins Here

Wellness Consultations & Meaningful Conversations

I can help you do what is the most important: REMOVE THE CAUSE OF BAD HEALTH.

Full of practical, actionable advice and surprising nutritional advice, the conversation with me is just what you need to live longer, healthier life.

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I offer you a free consultation. What’s going on with your health? What are you suffering from and what is your plan on how to fix it? Please tell me everything.

If we feel that we’d want to go further, we will make an appointment to discuss a wealth of practical ideas on how to improve your lifestyle, nutrition, personal habits, and thinking—all in order to work your way toward better health.

Wellness Consultation

Are you eating yourself to an early grave? Are you not concerned that your children are eating themselves into mental slavery and continuously poor health? Haven’t you yourself been seeing doctors, taking antibiotics or statins or blood-pressure medication, or more?

If I eat normal food, like normal people do, I will suffer from normal diseases.

What is normal food?
Food from a shop. Food from a factory. Packaged food. Food with additives, preservatives, refined carbohydrates, with salt, fat, and sugar. Fast food, slow food, grandma's cooking, comfort food, soul food. Eating because it’s time to eat: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Eating to satisfy "hunger", "appetite", and cravings. Eating to gain or lose weight. Eating for celebration, or eating for the drowning of sorrows. Eating from boredom or to pass the time quicker. Social eating. A sandwich. Meat and rice or potatoes. Soups, tofu, milk and cheese, butter, sausages, pizza, eggs, pasta, cookies, coffee, tea, chocolate, pastry, stir-fried vegetables, french fries, yogurts, cereals, granolas, jams, burgers, sausages, pork chops, salami, beer, wine, liquor. Canned fish, soups, legumes, baked beans, hummus. Black pepper, soy sauce, paprika, oil, mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, curry, spices, macaroni, ice cream, cookies. Oh, I said cookies already before?

Who are normal people?
I’m sure there are exceptions, but mostly it’s you, and almost everyone you know, and all the friends on social media, including nutritionists, doctors, therapists, personal trainers, yoga teachers.

What are normal diseases?
Heart problems, lung problems, brain problems, digestive problems, mistakes made by doctors, diabetes, infections, high blood pressure, liver problems, kidney problems, prostate problems, Parkinson's, suicidal depression, chronic fatigue, obesity, and/or anxiety.

What to do?
I know the secret to good health and I don’t mind sharing it with you. It takes a  conversation, it takes a little time, it takes a little courage on your and my part, and it takes some thinking. But you will be able to shed great light on how to health, weight loss, longevity, stamina—resolving chronic migraines, pain, fatigue, diseases.

Personally, I feel and think that it is a tragedy that the majority of chronically sick persons get no relief doctors, ha!—even the doctors themselves are chronically unwell.

There are a few essential basic things which we must understand before we are able to take CARE of ourselves better. For example, one of those things is this: the wrong eating is the cause and right eating may be the cure. Don’t worry, I will not tell you to stop eating meat; after all, vegetarians can be not even less sickly, puffy, and pale than the meat-eaters.

What I will tell you will be much more correct and perhaps profound. Chances are that the almost indescribable feeling of better health, vitality, physical efficiency-cleanliness-stamina-endurance, as well as a courageous, uplifted state of mind with which you’d approach all things at hand, isn’t known to you, or has been only dimly remembered.

The things I will tell you will lead to the marvelous joy and happiness to just be alive. There will be a change in your mental abilities and an insight into the spiritual, which will be like a sunrise bringing its light to all things. What is needed is that you escape the “slaughterhouse” of the modern medical mindset and the poison of the modern nutritional advice. It cannot be otherwise: the bad habits, bad ideas, and the bad eating which got you to where you are must be discarded like an old, moldy, degenerated garment.

Regeneration and purification require the right living, good food (good nutrition trumps bad genes, too), and an elimination and detoxification program before you can spread your angel wings.

The First Great Law
The living body must function always in the direction of health, and sickness is the effect of obstructing the natural function

The Second Great Law
Sickness is the result of body’s struggle to eliminate the internal waste resulting from bad environment and bad habits

The Third Great Law
Each person has a healthy core and may find the tools to use their inner core. Life offers you purpose and meaning; it does not owe you a sense of fulfillment or happiness.

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