Personal Sessions

In general:

  • Postures modifications for Students with injuries / limitations / pregnancy / brand-new beginners
  • Adjusting sequence according to need
  • Confidence / voice / language / positioning / energy / pacing / body language / ability to inspire / being authentic / getting off ‘dialogue’ / other
  • How to open a hot yoga studio, or add hot yoga classes if you own a studio already
  • How to speak with students pre- and post-class, how to sell memberships, teach private hot / hatha / vinyasa classes
  • Whatever else required!

1. Hot Yoga Evolution: Beyond Traditional Hot Yoga
› How to get out of the “traditional” 26-posture sequence with alternative sequences: hip-openers, backbends, leg-stretching, lotus-series, twists, inversions, quiet sitting
› How to modify Hot Yoga postures to accommodate Students with limitations, pregnancy, injuries
› How to take the Hot Yoga practice to the next level: “Get out of the box” advanced keys and tricks

2. Original Communication
› How to find the True Voice and teach “from the Heart”: humor, passion, dedication, inspiration, transformation
› How to go “beyond words”: body language, non-verbal instruction, demonstration
› How to get results in a non-confrontational way: empathy, connecting, emotional intelligence skills
› How to be interesting
› How to teach in English to non-English speakers
› How to inspire and help your Students grow

3. Personal Attention
› How to interview Students and follow-up before/after class
› How to talk about yourself, about yoga, and how to answer questions
› How to teach huge classes, big classes, small classes and private sessions
› How to teach Hot Yoga to help people heal

4. The Art of Correcting
› How to correct and encourage Students (it’s NOT how you think!)
› How to adjust in a confident, and sensitive, way
› Hot Yoga Hands-On Adjustments
› How to handle “difficult” Students and situations

5. ‘Exceptional Experience’ + Business of Hot Yoga
› How to successfully teach large Yoga classes AND connect with each Student individually
› How to teach Brand-New Beginners and have them join as members, the first day
› How to teach multi-level Hot Yoga classes effectively, and make the class-size grow
› Hot Yoga as a business – How to make everyone happy (Yes, you can!)

6. Essentials of Asana in Heated Environment
› How to combine sequencing, heat, humidity, air-flow and interior design for the best possible Hot Yoga experience
› How hot is too hot, and what to do when it’s not hot enough.

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Personal Sessions for Yoga Teachers