Skin Brushing

Did you know that the skin of the palms of your hands renews itself every 24 hours?

Buy a long-handled vegetable bristle brush. Brush your skin, all over the body, working your way from the foot up through the leg, hand to shoulder, from the outside of the body toward the kidneys. Do this every morning for 5 minutes, get all that dry skin off, before your shower. Actually, twice daily is better. It is the best massage we know of! You are clearing the dead skin away, allowing the new skin to breathe.

Skin brush
You have about 100 pores per square centimeter of the skin, and if you take that brush and get right into scrubbing around those pores, you will get rid of the top layer. Your skin is always growing, as the new skin grows, the top layer dies. It is dead flaky material. It has to be brushed off. You can help it, and you need to help—we believe it’s great for your health.

Usually, when we talk about elimination, we talk about the bowel and kidneys. Our teacher Dr. Bernard Jensen considers the skin a ‘third kidney’, because it is a major organ of elimination of the waste of the body. You need to keep it clean and brushed. Jensen said that wearing clothes contributes to the beginning of every disease. In using iridology, we find a black rim surrounding the outside of most people’s eyes. We call this the ‘scurf rim’; it shows that the pores of the skin are not eliminating properly. Waste materials are being held under the skin. If you brush the skin, you get down to the next layer below the surface, which is as clean as the blood can make it. Having a clean blood and brushing a good, clean skin is great for you. Let’s go get that brush!

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