Yoga Teacher Intensives

Designed for already certified Teachers from any style of yoga, the Intensive Workshops are friendly and conversational in their style with plenty of time to perform, reflect, as well as ask and answer questions

We will practice yoga together in the morning.

The afternoon intensive teacher training sessions are dedicated to becoming a more knowledgeable, skillful, and insightful Teacher. When we identify each Teacher’s strengths and giving them new tools to teach with, we will find ways to teaching a more effective yoga class.

Learn powerful teaching skills, which will help you grow your confidence and help you feel more successful in your work. Find a new way to teaching multi-level classes and avoid common teaching problems. Physiology and sequencing, modifications and variations. How to speak with Students. This module alone will give you a huge teaching set of tools to use in your daily teaching situations!

Discover new ways of improving your communication skills, leading to a better expression. You will be able to get more attention from your Students, which in turn enables you to feel better and enables them to learn faster.

Your questions: rare opportunity to discuss the challenges and opportunities of being a Teacher and get feedback about your experience.

Optional: if desired, we may also include teaching activities with professional feedback, which often can be the fastest way to making improvements.

Sample Two-day Program

Day One
09:00-11:00 Yoga Practice
13:00-17:00 Teacher’s Session, part 1

Day Two
09:00-11:00 Yoga Practice
13:00-17:00 Teacher’s Session, part 2

Sample Intensives

The Game Changers

 The Game Changers

  • Communication skill development (voice, body language, and location)
  • Teaching personality (energy and presence)
  • Class content (sequencing, instruction, and information for multilevel classes. Private-, medium- and large-class sizes)
  • Professional development (studio vs. freelance work, full-time vs. part-time teaching and more)

A full, 50-hour version or a mini-version, customized to present needs of a yoga teacher, any style. This is a course focused on teaching skills.

(Time: from 6 to 50 hours)

Beyond hot yoga

Hot Yoga, Teaching Beyond the Traditional

  • How to get away from the ‘traditional’ 26-posture sequence with alternative sequences: hip-openers, back bends, leg-stretching, lotus-series, twists, inversions, quiet sitting, and more
  • How to modify Hot Yoga postures to accommodate Beginners, as well as Students with limitations, pregnancy and injuries
  • Hot Yoga asana variations for fun and creative exploration
  • How to take the Hot Yoga teaching to the next level: customized ‘get out of the box’ advanced keys and tricks

(Time: from 6 to 30 hours)

Hands on training for yoga teachers

Hands-on (touching) and Assisting Students

Learn the knowledge and skill behind safe, sound, sensitive and effective techniques for assisting Students. For Hot Yoga and all styles of yoga. We also discover how to assist other teachers and how to have other teachers assist you.

(Time: from 3 to 10 hours)

in-house Yoga teacher training

In-house Yoga Teacher Training and Team Education

I provide expert continued education solutions for yoga teachers, who are required to work together as a team in yoga studios or other venues. This is important for new ventures, as well as already established ones.

The bottom line is that getting the teachers ‘on the same page’ as far as their classes are concerned is great for business.

(Time: from 6 to 20 hours)

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