Your Refinement is the Most Important.

Personal Sessions for Yoga Teachers by Skype

Private calls designed to cover whatever problems, blocks, questions, or opportunities are appearing in your teaching


I am a registered Continuing Education Provider for yoga teachers, YACEP, and a Registered Experienced Yoga Teacher, E-RYT 200

Personalized coaching is effective at achieving incredible results because we can focus on the exact spots in your teaching that may need attention.

I encourage you to take advantage my considerable experience. You can get my undivided attention. I specialize in the topics listed further down this page, but this private coaching experience can cover any other topic you like, too.

We’ll meet by Skype to go over your unique questions, concerns or challenges. I will provide specific, practical insights and suggestions to take your skillfulness to the next level.

Money is involved, yes.

I usually charge €100 Euro per call and, usually, each call would be 1-2 hours. But this is risk-free for you because you only pay after the call, and only if you’re satisfied. (I send you a PayPal Money Request, where you can safely pay with your credit or debit card.)

Included: Email support for 2 months (up to 5 emails total).

Personal Sessions for Yoga Teachers

Validation is for parking.

I will tell you a secret. No yoga teacher is a success unless they can feel inside themselves that they are good. No money can buy this. No student testimonial can give you this. That confidence that you are good you must establish inside yourself. And when you have it, you will not need to look for validation from external sources.

Validation is for parking. When you do good work, you know it.

Let’s talk today about your teaching!

Are you a new Yoga Teacher?

New teachers often need help with:

  • Finding their confidence

  • Overcoming their voice problems

  • Learning how to approach studio owners for a chance to teach

  • Getting through their first interview

  • Preparing to teach their test (mock) class

  • Preparing to teach their first REAL class

An Experienced Yoga Teacher?

Perhaps you are:

  • Alone in your teaching, with little or no support

  • Wondering how to further develop the effectiveness of your classes

  • Burned out and/or disconnected from your yoga practice

  • Struggling to make a good living and looking for a new approach to your professional career, e.g. more ‘privates’

  • In need of pointers on how to prepare and lead workshops, retreats, and other special yoga events?

Some more questions asked by teachers
  1. How do I find my first teaching position? How do I approach my local studios for work?
  2. Should I teach for free? Or how much should I earn per class?
  3. How do I best market myself?
  4. I’m a new teacher, how do I stop being so nervous?
  5. I’m a bit shy to ask this, but is there something wrong with my teaching?
  6. How can I get more confidence?
  7. Are my posture sequences good?
  8. How do I teach better ‘privates’?
  9. How can I promote myself? I need some help with selling my work.
  10. What further training should I look for? 500 hours?
  11. What should I do when a student leaves my class?
  12. How can I handle other problems like that one?
  13. How to teach my own workshops, retreats, etc?
  14. Should I register with the Yoga Alliance? I think I need help with that.

Let’s Talk!