Personal Sessions for Teachers

your refinement

Your Refinement

In an intelligent and respectful way, let’s take a closer look together at your teaching mindset and communication skills. By finding and focusing on your strengths, we enable you to grow as a teacher and thrive.

Validation is for parking

I will tell you a secret. No Yoga teacher is a success unless they can feel inside themselves that they are good. No money can buy this. No student testimonial can give you this. That confidence that you are good you must establish inside yourself. And when you have it, you will not need to look for validation from external sources. Validation is for parking. When you do good work, you know it.

Personal Sessions for Yoga Teachers
Personal Sessions for Yoga Teachers

Personalized Approach

In my personal sessions with Yoga teachers, rather than teaching you anything at all, I’d rather help you find your own way. That’s a very special idea for any level II (advanced?) training. As a Yoga teacher, by now, you understand your own needs better than anyone else, right? Well, what do you need? Let’s take a look together on how you can know, understand, create, apply, evaluate, improve and ultimately teach the best Yoga class in town.

Personal mentoring sessions can provide a good direction for New Teachers, as well as provide the next big step in the improvement process for the Experienced Teachers. The fluent use of the best teaching skills (one may also call them habits) will free a Yoga teacher to pursue the goal of their work, which is to masterfully communicate Yoga’s potential benefits to an ‘audience’–a group of practitioners.

The ability to teach safely, in a beneficial, ethically grounded, supportive way, through the means of essential communication qualities such as a well-suited voice and an expressive body, will produce a fine-tuned teacher-instrument, capable of teaching a superb Yoga class to anyone, in any location. The fine-tuning of your teaching instrument is the purpose of my Personal Sessions.

Let’s talk today about your teaching!

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