Yoga Master Classes at Your Studio

Hot Yoga Evolution, Advanced Series, Gentle Yoga, Hot Vinyasa, Meditation

Fun, challenging and informative practices for your Students and yourself, conducted as a special event at your yoga studio(s).

Those are often a good first step for a long-term cooperation for you and I, which may include organizing yoga retreats, workshops, teacher training and other specialized programs, where you are able to draw participants from your client base.

Master Classes

Sample Classes

Yoga Evolution / Hot Yoga Evolution

The room can be heated or not, we can even be outdoors. This is a great class for all levels, from brand-new beginners to advanced practitioners.

A great workout, lots of fun practicing new postures (and creative variations of the postures you may already know) from regular Hot Yoga classes. Not to be missed!

90-120 minutes

Hot Yoga Evolution, Level II/III

Also known as the Advanced Class or Teacher’s Class, based on the Bishnu Gosh’s lineage of Hatha Yoga and the Barkan Method Hot Yoga, the class is designed for Teachers and experienced Students. You don’t have to be advanced to attend, but this is not for beginners.

The room is warm. The sequence includes standing series, binds, bandhas (seals), lotus-series, inversions, arm-balances, twists and more. Tomasz will help you find a way to feel successful in this practice. It’s not an easy class, but a lot of fun.

2-3 hours

Hot Vinyasa

Intermediate-level, powerful, slow flow class practiced in a warm room.

We incorporate Hot Yoga postures, as well as exercises from other styles, into a great upper body and core workout sequence, which challenges everyone. The floor postures may be directed toward back-bending, hip openers, leg-stretching or inversions.

90 minutes, not appropriate for evenings

Gentle Yoga

The room can be heated or not, we can be outdoors. This is a great class for seniors, obese students, and brand-new beginners.

60-75 minutes


Doing Hatha Yoga practices without exploring meditation is like shopping without money, it just doesn’t work. An average Westerner finds herself/himself unable to meditate, no matter what method they use. I have found a way to close the gap through autogenic training and conscious relaxation.

60 minutes, early mornings or after sunset

Sample Weekend Program

19:00-21:00 Restorative Evening Hot Yoga Class and Introduction

09:00-11:00 Class 1
13:00-16:00 Workshop 1 / Posture Clinic 1

09:00-11:00 Class 2
13:00-16:00 Workshop 2 / Posture Clinic 2

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