Passion for teaching yoga

Many yoga teachers think that good teaching comes from passion for yoga. The more yoga I practice and the more passion I have for the benefits of yoga, the better my class will be?

I wholeheartedly don’t think so! It goes without saying that there’s no teaching without practice. But passion without direction and without a good delivery channel is a disaster.

The channel for expressing passion is found in skillfulness. I think that we teach better classes as soon as we begin to improve our teaching skills; you could also call those crafts or arts.

What are the teaching skills? Now, that’s a very good question. I can give you a few examples and then you may also use your imagination to describe several more. Technical yogic skills, of course: safe and sound sequencing, pacing, modifications, variations, assists, etc. But there are more, which are hugely important and we need to give those more attention: tonality (what you sound like. Demonstration. Explanation. Creating good first impressions. Non-verbal communication. Walking / standing / sitting gracefully. Ice-breaking. Rapport building. There are many more.

How skills are improved by performance with feedback, how you can perform and give yourself feedback without a mentor, how to teach excellent classes already before you hit a 10-year teaching mark—those are the secrets you discover through the personal sessions for teachers.