On teaching

For “New” or “Not-yet-confident” yoga teachers, some simple pointers to bring into your teaching pattern:

Firstly, keep up a regular yoga practice outside of studio (solo practice, aka self-practice, aka home practice).

Secondly, when teaching, find time to take 2-3 breaths, breathing deeply into the belly, and keep your shoulders down. Do this often.

More pointers:

  1. Keep your feet firmly on the ground when standing
  2. Stand, or sit, upright. An upright spine is essential for projecting an uplifting energy, and for speaking properly
  3. Your voice should always fill the whole room (this can be practiced and improved)

Choose your words carefully:

  1. Speak less, smile more, make eye contact
  2. Be sweet with beginners (this is important)
  3. Frequently get away from instruction. Bring in some personal input, a story, a joke, or just be silent and “feel the air”
  4. Be authentic, energizing, and speak in an inspirational way

You will feel the improvement all across the board. Good luck!