It isn’t helpful to judge whether someone is a better or worse yoga teacher than you. Usually, you’d get it wrong—and that does not help the process of your improvement. Assume that others are the same as you and connect with them. Then, something interesting happens: you begin to grow, without judgment.
It is important to consider our own work objectively and to learn from other yoga teachers.
Even an excellent teacher would have some weak points, but she/he will be aware of what those are.
In teaching a yoga class, we should try to be aware of both our strong points and our weaknesses. If we can’t be conscious of our own weaknesses, we will stop growing teachers. Also, we should be able to pay attention to details in other teachers’ teaching, even those less skilled than us. That’s because even an “inferior” or “junior” teacher will have some good points in their work.
Learning from other teachers in that way will help us become more effective.