Dog Psychology

Private Sessions for Dog Owners in Nyon

Ask not what your dog can do for you. Ask what you can do for your dog.

~ Tomasz Goetel, when asked to explain the difference between Dog Training and Dog Psychology

I offer hands-on solutions to your common dog problems

Book me for a private session. It’s dog training, it is also dog-owner training. =)

By learning to understand your dog’s needs better, you and your dog will ultimately achieve a healthier and happier dog-human relationship. I will help you get there.

My applied dog psychology follows the approach of Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer, as well as my lifelong experience with people and dogs. The education is exciting, simple, effective, and totally non-violent.

Please note: walking your dog will be required. Also, I will explain how the dog world (canine world) is different from human world. In the canine world of the pack, 3 values are king:

Number 1: rules and boundaries (to be followed)

Number 2: physical activity (get tired)

Number 3: “affection” (and that’s only food, water, shelter, and being a part of the pack)

I need to mention here some important information for you, and please bear in mind that I offer it to you in a most gentle, respectful and wanting-to-be-truly-helpful way: if you are not willing to perhaps change your views on how you “love” your dog and how your dog’s “freedom” is important, or how an excited dog is a “happy” dog, then my sessions may not be for you. Also, please bear in mind that there may not be a way for you to improve the quality of your dog’s life (that is what in most cases is necessary to be on the list of your goals as a dog owner) without addressing some of your daily habits. That last bit is confronting for many people, so I’d like to give you heads up about that.

To master the walk means to learn how to properly walk your dog on a leash. All benefits follow from that. You will enjoy living with your dog much more. Your dog will have a happy life, respect and love you more.

walk photo

Master The Walk

Dog owners choose this session the most often!

Is your dog taking YOU for a walk?

Are you struggling just getting out the door with your dog? Jumping out of the back of the car straight into the road? You may not believe that now, but as you will see, we can fix many issues in only 2 sessions! You will no longer have a dog that pulls you forward or to the side, pees on every tree, barks at bicycles running past, keeps the nose to the ground, reacts to other dogs viciously.

A structured walk is THE most important exercise. That’s what you must learn in order to earn the respect of your dog. There’s just no going forward without it (pun intended).

2 sessions, 250 CHF total

puppy start

Puppy Start

This is your private one-on-one lesson package about puppy’s life in your house and around your neighborhood.

In the first session,  I will show you how to effectively communicate with your puppy. You will learn about the origin of some basic behavior issues and how to solve them. Such issues are common, for example, housebreaking (potty training), nipping, barking, chewing. I will teach you the correct feeding routine. We will also be going over basic commands: sit/stay, down/stay, and Place.

In the second session, I will teach you how to “master the walk” (how to correctly walk your puppy on the leash.)

2 sessions, 250 CHF total

dog adoption

Pre-adoption / Pre-puppy

How to choose the perfect puppy is what you are asking? Before you ask how that’s done, we must think if you’re the right person for a dog. Also, do you have children? Are there other dogs at your home? Are you a couch potato? Where can you find a good dog and how to choose it from among many? Is there anything you need to know about the veterinary visits? How to bring the new dog into your home and introduce her/him to you, your family, and your environment?

Those are just a few basic questions. I will help you navigate through what you need to know and do. That way, you will be able to earn respect and love of your dog right from the beginning.

Please note: if you prefer, I can go with you to look at puppies together. I could help you chose between low-, medium-, or high-energy puppy to suit your preference.

1 meeting, 150 CHF

About Payments

My services are paid in cash at the end of the first session, but only if you are satisfied.

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Dog collar

The Collar

We recommend using that sort of dog collar. Please don’t worry, we will not be choking the dog at all. There will be no tension on the leash. Those collars are available at most pet shops in Switzerland and online. You can buy one here >