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Hot Yoga Phuket / Yoga Evolution Studio Phuket


It’s been a great journey.

I am grateful to all the wonderful people who were my students since the beginning of my time in Thailand. First, in 2006 at Bliss Hot Yoga in Rayong, Chonburi. Then, the Bliss Hot Yoga Studio at Central Festival Phuket (2007–2008). After that, at my Yoga Evolution studio at Baan Wana in Cherngtalay, Talang (2008–2015).

The regulars and the newcomers who joined during the years, as well as all the visitors who were popping in whenever in Phuket—thank you all for your patronage.

For me personally, the time came to work in another direction. I have stared to work on some fresh projects and I hope you join me. Together, we may continue to benefit from the yogic practices in all great ways—until then, stay bendy and always keep it warm.

Tomasz GoetelTomasz


2007, I found the location at Baan Wana. Next, I went to buy paint and ordered some yoga mats.

One of the first yoga classes, 2007. The students in the photo: Jean, Bruce, K. Kathy, Michael, Khun Kat, Khun Noi, Khun Ae. Photos by Saikham. =)

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