90-minute Hot Yoga Evolution Class


Mountain Pose [Tadasana]

Standing Deep Breathing [Pranayama] 1 set of 10

Sun Salutation Warm-up [Surya Namaskar] 2 sets or more

Moon Salutation Warm-up [Chandra Namaskar] 1 set

Standing Postures

Half Moon Pose with Hands-to-feet [Ardha Chandrasana with Padahastasana] 2 sets

Warrior II with Triangle [Viravadhrasana II with Trikanasana] with Revolving Triangle [Parivritta Trikanasana] 2 sets

Standing Separate Leg Head-to-knee Pose [Dandayamana Bibhaktapada Janushirsasana] with Side Forward Bend Pose (optional) [Parsvottanasana] 1 or 2 sets

Water break

Awkward Pose [Utkatasana] 2 sets

Eagle Pose [Garudasana] 2 sets

Water break (optional)

Dancing Shiva (optional) [Natarajasana] 1 set

Standing Head-to-knee [Dandayamana Janushirsasana] 2 sets

Separate Leg Deep Stretching Pose [Dandayamana Bibhaktapada Paschimottanasana] 2 sets

Water break

Standing Bow [Dandayamana Dhanurasana] 2 sets

Balancing Stick [Tuladandasana] 1 or 2 sets

Tree Pose [Vrksasana] 1 set

Toestand (optional) [Padangustasana] 1 set

Floor Postures

Opening, Corpse Pose [Savasana]

Reclining Gentle Pose (optional) [Supta Bhadrasana] 1 set

Wind Removing [Pavanamuktasana] 1 set

Floor Twist (optional) [Jathara Parivartanasana] 1 set

Ankle to Knee Pose (optional) [Kanupadasana] 1 set


Cobra [Bhujangasana] 2 sets

Locust [Salabhasana] 2 sets

Full Locust [Poorna Salabhasana] 2 sets

Floor Bow [Dhanurasana] 2 sets

Child Pose [Balasana] 1 set

Water break (optional)

Reclining Hero [Supta Virasana] 1 set

Half-tortoise (optional) [Ardha Kurmasana] 1 set

Camel [Ustrasana] 2 sets

Rabbit [Sasangasana] 1 set

Separate Leg-stretching with Head-to-knee (optional) [Bibhaktapada Paschimottanasana with Janushirsasana] 1 set

Spine Twist [Ardha Matsyendrasana] 1 set

Fire Breathing (optional) [Kapalabhati] 2 sets

One-legged Pigeon (optional) [Ekapada Kapotasana] 1 set

Final Corpse Pose [Savasana] 5 mins. minimum

(Closing / Farewell)

Please note:

  • The standing postures should take 55-60 minutes. The floor sequence is 25-30 minutes. Final savasana minimum 5 minutes.
  • The optional postures — those are for the teacher to decide, depending on number of students in class, number of beginners, different time of the day, class duration running late, amount of injuries present, how hot the room is, etc. Those variables must be evaluated and the sequence can be modified (as well as each posture) to the needs of the teacher and student group.

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