Hot Yoga Evolution (2008-present)

My Own Approach to Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga Evolution

Originally based on The Barkan Method, Hot Yoga Evolution has become a new way of doing and teaching Hot Yoga.

Since 2007, without the overheated rooms and attitudes and without the low-quality, repetitive instruction—our approach allows for a deeper and more satisfying Hot Yoga experience.

We are copyright–free, script–free, and uniquely compassionate in our approach to Students and Teachers.

Behind the business structure of our work lies our Company’s and our true purpose: the union with the divine.

Hot Yoga Evolution

Why have we created a new style?

Tomasz says: Being a dedicated Hot Yogi, it pains me to see that a lot of Hot Yoga today is over-heated, repetitive, loaded with stories of impatience, abuse and controversy.

I strongly feel that we can make many improvements to the way we teach, how we teach, and what we teach–when it comes to my beloved Hot Yoga.

So in 2007, I took the matters into my own hands. With a burning desire to set a good example for the Hot Yoga community, I created the Hot Yoga Evolution.

Hot Yoga class
In a nutshell, the difference between my Hot Yoga Evolution and Bikram Yoga is three-fold.

One, from the Student’s perspective

  • Let’s practice more than 26 postures because we are interested in a more profound and more balanced development. We use sun salutations, core exercises, hip-openers, additional back-bends, etc. depending on the Students in class. Most of the class is a set sequence of postures, and 20-30% are variety.
  • Beginners and students with injuries are given modifications because we want for them to be more successful. The experienced Students are offered advanced variations.
  • There is also Warm Vinyasa which incorporates Hot Yoga postures, and the vinyasa (flow) class is done in a set sequence because this enables the practitioners to track their progress.
  • There is also the Level II practice (intermediate/advanced) of approximately 90 asanas: a combination of balancing postures, bends, inversions, twists, binds, arm balances, breathing and cleansing exercises.Overall, this creates an amazing variety of Hot Yoga classes for all levels of practitioners.

Two, from a Teacher’s perspective

  • In the Hot Yoga Evolution, teachers teach without dialogue (aka script). The teachers are given tools to teach in their own unique language and style. This approach allows the Teachers to feel more inspired, more successful and more authentic. (Please note: in Hot Yoga terms, this is huge… because often Hot Yoga teachers are tired, uninspired, impatient, and bored!) In addition, compassion, kindness, and patience are encouraged and valued. We offer teacher training and personal support sessions for existing Teachers.

Three, from a Yoga Studio Owner’s perspective

  • Hot Yoga Evolution is centered on achieving success with Beginners and people who don’t do yoga or are intimidated by it. This is done by encouraging the Teachers to be more technically skillful, kinder and more patient.
  • The experienced Students are offered more advanced practices and teacher training – then, continued education. This is done by encouraging the Teachers to develop a more advanced Hot Yoga practice (Level II) and more excellent-quality teaching methodology.

Overall, this allows the Studio to sign up Beginners from their first trial classes more frequently, as well as retain more advanced Students, without losing them to the competition.

Hot Yoga Evolution is an approach, not a method.

It is an approach to ‘being’, a way of life. It is not a method, where a set of rules or dogma are to be followed by all in the same way.

At the heart of our approach to Yoga practice is the understanding that having achieved personal healing is a foundation for continued personal development. The evolution of man is the evolution of his consciousness.

At the heart of our approach to teaching Yoga are such universal values as professional excellence, integrity and kindness.

Interested to know the Sequence?

Here’s the Hot Yoga Evolution 90-minute class sequence in detail