The Game Changers

Yoga Teacher Training

Advanced Teaching Skills For All Styles of Yoga

50 hours, Yoga Alliance CET


2017 Dates To Be Announced


International, TBA

Continued education

‘The Game Changers’ is a continued education Yoga teacher training for teachers already certified with 200 hours, all styles of Yoga.

The Bottom Line: Take Another Step Toward Excellence in Your Teaching

We focus on real-life “here and now” problems and tasks, rather than on academics. A BIG part of the course is customized to the needs of each Participant (you!)

Every Yoga Teacher has the potential to be great; every Yoga class is high stakes; every Student group deserves the absolute best.

What you will learn

What you will learn

The goal of a good Yoga course design is for the learners to emerge from the learning experience with new or better capabilities, which can be taken to the ‘real world’ of teaching Yoga classes. Wherever you are on a journey from novice to expert, those 7 days will take you much further along the path.

Teach Big You will know how to teach large, multi-level classes better. Modifications for Students with injuries / limitations / pregnancy. Hands-on adjustments

Practice You will deepen your practice, increase presence, supercharge your demonstrations

Practice Teaching In an active learning set-up, you will learn to bring more variety, energy, inspiration and passion into your teaching

Communicate Clearer, Be Kinder You will discover new ways to improve your ‘Teaching Personality’, communication skills, and be kinder

Yoga Teacher’s Business You will improve your people-skills and E.Q. For Yoga Teachers: business and career potential. Developing Yoga Studio potential

Full Potential You will grow your confidence, class attendance numbers, and learn to teach even more successfully

The Course Facilitator

Tomasz Goetel

Tomasz Goetel

Whether you’re new to teaching Yoga, or you’re a professional teacher, Tomasz is an expert on helping you teach in a way that addresses your students’ needs and supports your business goals.


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Who is a Game Changer?

1. A person who is a visionary 2. A game changer changes the way that something is done, thought about, or made

What You Need to Know

Course Location
TBA (To Be Announced). Want to host this course at your place? Please contact me.


Dates, Schedule, and Tuition

The Certificate

Tomasz has been teaching since 2004 and is registered with the Yoga Alliance at the Advanced Teacher level (E-RYT). You will receive an International Certificate. This program meets the new Yoga Alliance requirements for continued education and contributes 50 hours toward your CET. We are a RYS 200 Registered Yoga School and your training hours count as Contact Hours with a E-RYT teacher. The Yoga Alliance is an international governing board for Yoga Teachers and teacher training programs.

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Firstly, I think your Advanced TT has made a huge difference to my teaching in several ways. Most importantly, I am enjoying teaching more than ever before, and yes, my class numbers have grown, too. I find that I am more “myself” and I allow my personality and style to shape how I teach.



Yoga Teacher, RSA


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