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You must not post or transmit any material which in any way defames, harasses or offends any person or is obscene.

Adults Only

The Detox & Wellness page is not intended for children under 18 years of age.

The content of the Detox & Wellness page should not be construed as a prescription, a promise of benefits, claims of cures, or a guarantee of results to be achieved.

The information, instruction or advice given on the Detox & Wellness page is NOT intended to be a substitute for competent professional medical or psychological diagnosis and care. You should not discontinue or modify any medication presently being taken pursuant to medical advice without obtaining approval from your healthcare professional.

You agree to take complete responsibility for your own physical health and emotional well-being.

Legal Disclaimer

The contents of the Detox & Wellness page are based on research conducted by the author or opinions of the author unless otherwise noted. The publisher and the author present this information for educational purposes only. This information is NOT intended to diagnose or prescribe for medical or psychological conditions nor to claim to prevent, treat, mitigate or cure such conditions. In presenting this information, NO attempt is being made to provide diagnosis, care, treatment or rehabilitation of individuals, or apply medical, mental health or human development principles to provide diagnosing, treating, operating or prescribing for any human disease, pain, injury, deformity or physical condition. The information contained herein is NOT intended to replace a relationship with a doctor or qualified healthcare professional. Therefore, the reader should be made aware that this information is NOT intended as medical advice, but rather a sharing of knowledge and information from the research and experience of the authors. The publisher and the author encourage you to make your own health care decisions based upon your research and in partnership with a qualified healthcare professional. You and you alone are responsible if you choose to do anything based on what you read.

Disclaimer Explained

No one is advised to discontinue or to avoid medical or psychological consultations. There are cases where medical or psychotherapeutic consultations are advised. Don’t use any techniques on the Detox & Wellness page to try to solve a problem where your common sense would tell you it is inappropriate. You are required to take complete responsibility for your own well-being both during and after the use of our materials and/or coaching sessions.

If you use any techniques fromthe Detox & Wellness page on yourself or others, you must agree to take full responsibility for your own well-being and you are required to advise others to do the same.

No Medical Advice

While the contents of the Detox & Wellness page was prepared to provide accurate information regarding topics related to general and specific health issues, the information contained in the page is made available with the express understanding that neither Tomasz Goetel and/or the other experts on the site, nor the site itself, nor members of the site are dispensing medical advice and do not intend any of this information to be used for self-diagnosis or treatment. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS ABOUT YOUR HEALTH AND BEFORE STARTING OR STOPPING ANY TREATMENT OR ACTING UPON INFORMATION CONTAINED ON THE PAGE, YOU SHOULD CONTACT YOUR OWN PHYSICIAN OR HEALTHCARE PROVIDER.

No Curative Claims

These statements have not been evaluated by any governmental agency and we make no curative claims. Individuals who have provided their testimonies are not compensated in any way. Results may vary depending upon use and commitment.

Hold Harmless Agreement

You must agree to hold harmless Tomasz Goetel from any claims, liability, or loss incurred directly or indirectly by you (or anyone you may teach or seek to help using) as a result of the use or application of any techniques or methods learned from Tomasz Goetel, the eBooks sold on his website.

Personal Responsibility and Release of Healthcare Related Claims

You, the client, acknowledge that you take full responsibility for your life and well-being, as well as the lives and well-being of your family and children (where applicable), and all decisions made during any after working with Tomasz Goetel or reading the eBooks sold on this website or this website. You expressly assume the risks relating to anything you purchase, whether or not such risks were created or exacerbated by Tomasz Goetel, the coach.

The client releases the coach, her heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, its officers, directors, shareholders, employees, teachers, agents, health coaches, and staff (collectively, the Releases) from any and all liability, damages, causes of action, allegations, suits, sums of money, fee, the client ever had, now has or will have in the future against the Releases, the client’s past or future participation in, or otherwise with respect to, Tomasz Goetel, the eBooks sold on this website or this website.


(and any or all other downloadable /or printable programs):

If you have purchased a program or ebook for your own personal use, and you decide not to use it, you agree that you cannot sell to, share, or exchange any of this copyrighted material with any other health and wellness professional, customer, or client. This material is strictly for your personal use and benefit. Therefore, no part of it can be used in any other business manner, including, but not limited to reselling of information. If you would like support in including a signature coaching program within your own business practice, please contact me for additional information.

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Regarding digital downloads and printable offerings on this website, as with most digital, and print offerings, from audio and eBook retailers: There are no refunds on programs or products that can be downloaded, viewed, copied or stored in an electronic format. This is the industry standard. Therefore, any downloadable and/or printable program is non-refundable, so please read the full program or ebook details and F.A.Qs before purchasing any program or product.


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