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3-part Webinar Series w/ Lucas Rockwood and Tomasz Goetel

Find Your Unique Voice

Class #1: Find Your Unique Voice
As a Hot Yoga teacher, you probably started with a teaching ‘dialogue’ script. As you grow as a teacher, you’ll want to find and develop your own teaching voice—and it’s easier than you think. In this class, Tomasz will teach you practical tips for becoming a uniquely strong teacher.

Download Class#1 Notes Here (.ppt)

How to Teach Beginners

Class #2: How to Teach Beginners
Beginners are the lifeblood of any yoga studio and yoga class. 80-90% of your students at any time will be new students, so you need to learn how to make classes warm and welcoming, challenging and yet appropriate for those who have perhaps never done yoga before. Why? Because this is where you’ll find your most loyal and passionate students—your raving fans for life.

Download Class #2 Notes Here (.ppt)

Creating “Sticky” Classes

Class #3: Creating “Sticky” Classes
A sticky class is one that students get addicted to: they come back often, tell their friends, and even skip out of work to join. Teaching a good class is great, teaching a sticky class is an art. Here we’ll talk about what makes a good class into a great class, and how you can move in that direction with your teaching.

Download Class #3 Notes Here (.ppt)

Please note: the webinars above have been originally recorded to promote my programs in 2013, working together with the well-respected Absolute Yoga Academy

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