Private Detox at Home

Your First Consultation is Free!


Private Detox at Home

Your First Consultation is Free!


My Detox Philosophy

The Detox Program is simple. Designed by medical doctors, this natural cleanse program provides lasting results. I believe you already hold the keys to your health—I want to help you unlock the gates. In just a few days of regenerative detoxification, you can see real transformation, and set healthy habits for a lifetime.

The Kidneys, Skin, Lungs, Liver, and Colon

When those 5 elimination organs are vibrant and working properly, we are well and happy but let them stagnate and their sluggishness will become the root cause of chronic diseases, migraines, chronic pain, hormonal imbalance, mood swings, bloating, stinky gas, bad breath, body odor, food sensitivities and cravings, skin problems, trouble sleeping, joint ache, and the general long-term lack of clarity and peace.


Detoxification, which I prefer to call cleansing, is “amazing” and “controversial”—those are the two words often associated with it. It is both.

It is amazing to all who see its wonders but do not yet perceive its secrets. It is controversial because of its struggle for acceptance by contemporary medicine as a valid health improvement and maintenance method. Interestingly, the methods I use are originally designed and used by doctors. Based on Dr. Bernard Jensen’s simple, safe, and effective method, as well as Dr. John R. Christopher’s approach, and Prof. Arnold Ehret’s principles of mucusless diet and rational fasting, I design the program for you.

Together, we will re-open your body’s elimination system and rejuvenate the entire organism, including the mind. We will build healthy habits—for a lifetime of wellness. The results are dramatic, but the process isn’t traumatic.


Parasites are a bigger problem than we realize. They may rob the body of the nutrients it needs and their defecation creates a toxic load. The parasites can be anything from small organisms to tapeworms 50cm long, they thrive in an unclean, unhealthy colon. Sugar, dairy, and processed flour-based foods feed parasites.

In my detox experience, I have seen parasites come out of people numerous times. When you have passed parasites, you will feel uplifted and liberated. It’s a big deal.


Your body can heal itself

With the daily schedule of taking superfoods, natural supplements, and some simple therapeutics, we are awakening the kidney and colon function. The method of the Cleanse also gives you the added benefit of reduced digestive load and better absorption. You are rebooting and giving yourself the kickstart to vibrant health.


Limit inflammatory foods

There are many foods that can cause a buildup of mucus and inflammation in your body. It will be a surprise to you to find out which foods cause a bad reaction. As we remove certain foods during the Cleanse Program, we limit the stress on your system. But don’t worry—you will not be hungry. I have some helpful solutions up my sleeve!


Learn healthy habits for a lifetime

All this comes together to create the perfect new beginning. Your body has a magnificent ability to heal itself as long as you help this happen. After completing your Cleanse days, I will guide you through the post-program process. You will know what to do to stay balanced for a life of clarity and peace.

The Bottom Line

Overcoming chronic dis-ease requires the right living, good food, and an elimination and detoxification program. I will put together a step by step plan that is very easy to follow.

I like my clients, new and old, to be familiar with the elimination diet, detoxification, reversal process, and healing crisis and to have a clear understanding of those. Once you’ve felt the benefit of the cleanse, it is easier for you to establish new, healthy habits.

I will design an elimination diet and a cleanse program for you, based on Dr. Bernard Jensen’s and Dr. John R. Christopher’s methods. You can do the cleanse at home with my advice and help.

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I decided to go for detox as I was feeling very heavy, tired and slow like having the constant lack of energy and losing control over my body.

Detox was an amazing experience, as difficult it is, as fruitful are the results. I could train my strong will for good reason.
It not only removed wastes from my body, but also from my mind. Allowed me to get to know myself and understand my needs much more than ever.

Detox also opened my eyes to the nutrition subject. I realized my bad habits in my way of eating. We tend to forget that we eat to leave and not leave to eat. That the meal is a very important moment which we should focus on and not eat in a rush and hurry. Also not to snack during the day too much.

Detox: it’s a whole complicated process, but very interesting and full of good experiences, which I will use to make my better way of living. Now I wake up full of energy, feeling light and easy, what to wish more, may it last forever.


Nyon, Switzerland

Instead of being a fountain of wholesome life—the source of purest blood and health—my bowel has become the secret underground chamber, the breeding place of all suffering, and the father of all misery.

~ Prof. Arnold Ehret

More Information

Cleanse and Rebuild Tissues

It’s time to use small vegetable salads and some steamed vegetables. As you’re supporting your body with the necessary resources, you’re asking it to reactivate its natural instinct for renewal. Please think for a moment how important this idea is.

We’ll get you assimilating all minerals, vitamins A, B complex, C, D, E, and K. We’ll get plenty of amino acids, chlorophyll (when you hear chlorophyll, think blood building and reduced inflammation). All most wonderful things to drink—easy to digest, absorb, and assimilate.

Blood Pressure
Blood pressure

I’m guessing that your blood pressure (B.P.) has been all over the place lately? That’s due to the scarcity of absorbable calcium and magnesium, too much cooked and processed foods, and maybe some drinking or smoking have been involved? Long story short, as soon as we will have been working for a while on cleansing the systems of your body, a healthy balance will be restored.

Watch Video: Why Do a Cleanse?
What You Can Expect

At Atmanjai in Thailand, where I worked as a detox consultant, we’d always say that doing a cleanse is the most important health tool you have in your hands today.

Because of all the processed food (sugars, salt, fat, preservatives, additives) and chemicals you are exposed to (cosmetics, medication, polluted water and air), the level of toxicity in your body is at an all-time high. No wonder you put on weight and have difficulty coping with stress. Your ability to relax and get a good night’s sleep is a thing of the past. Or maybe there’s no energy to get started with an exercise routine? Constipation, the skin problems, the digestive discomfort, and the list goes on. You gotta cleanse, baby!

Doing a Cleanse
A cleanse will improve your health. A cleanse will ease your mind and heal your heart. A cleanse will restore every system of your body. Details? Here’s what is in it for you

Improved Digestion
As we mentioned, the chemicals present in the factory-made foods you eat,  the personal care products you use, the air you breathe, and the water you rely on for keeping you alive—all those chemicals have a negative impact on your health. Your digestive system, in particular, suffers the most. Therefore, during a cleanse it makes sense to remove the irritants and restore your digestive tract back to its good shape and function.

Weight Loss
When foreign-to-the-body chemical compounds enter the system, the body’s response may be to secrete mucus and fat to surround the dangerous molecules with. The mucus creates a systemic acidity and congestion; you are no longer able to eliminate waste from your body. On the outside of the body, this will clearly manifest as extra ‘blubber’. It will show up on the scales as extra pounds. That’s when a cleanse is needed to clear the congestion and eliminate the mucus. What happens then? Your body returns to its ideal shape.

No More Food Cravings
If you would like to reduce cravings, a cleanse is the way to go. Many processed foods are stuffed with laboratory-produced chemicals which stimulate the right parts of the brain, other foods feed the bad gut bacteria, other ones spike up your blood sugar. Some time after your cleanse, you will notice that many of the cravings are replaced by an appetite for clean foods

Increased Energy
As you take a break from processed foods and stimulants, and as you include certain super-foods and botanicals during your cleanse, your energy levels are restored.

Reduced Constipation and Bloating
Constipation and bloating are so common today that you may think it isn’t possible to live without them. But don‘t despair just yet—your cleanse will bring your bowels back to harmony.

If you are able to incorporate healthy habits of having easily-digestible foods and regularly add digestive aids such as the apple cider vinegar, or maybe some dietary supplements such as a probiotic—bloating and constipation are eliminated.

Balanced Mood
We’re sure you know many people who depend on alcohol to relax. They may also depend on stimulants, like coffee or sugary soft drinks, to get started with their day, then need more coffee to get through the day, too. A cleanse helps rest your adrenal glands and balance the hormonal chemistry of the body. First, you may have a headache… then, you feel good.

Release Emotional Blocks
A cleanse may trigger different emotional states.  Because certain addictive foods are removed from your daily eating routine, and because the bowel is cleansed with colemas, you may feel sensitive for a while. Or you may feel emotions which you haven’t felt for some time. This is normal and needs to be observed. You can learn many new things about yourself as you clean your body. The process isn’t always easy, but it is always useful long term. You release your emotional hang-ups, if any, and grow.

(During your cleanse, it’s good to do some yoga and meditation practice, those may be a big help.)

Clear Mind
You may already know there’s a link between your gut and the brain. The clearer your gut, the clearer your mind. It’s that simple.

The benefits of a cleanse show up already during the program. You’ll love seeing how your eyes recover their spark and the puffiness under your eyes or chin recedes. These signs are just the outer manifestations of a deep cleansing process that is happening all throughout the inside of your body.

A well-executed and properly organized cleanse should be followed by the creation of healthy habits in your daily life. That’s the hardest part for many of us!



iridologyIridology is the science and practice that reveals inflammation, where located and in what stage it is manifesting. The iris reveals body constitution, inherent weaknesses, levels of health and the transitions that take place in a person’s body according to the way she or he lives.

When body tissue is active, inflamed, sometimes painful and using nutrients at a high rate, the iris records this condition. Together with my colleague Jennifer in the USA, we teamed up to offer you the Iridology Report. The cost is 150 CHF. I can take the eye photo for you, or give you instructions by email.

Based on the information given, we can customize the Cleanse as well as all the nutritional advice more accurately to your present condition. This makes a big difference!

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