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On Perfectionism

Perfectionism is the enemy of people. It will keep you insane your whole life, and it is the main obstacle between you and teaching a good yoga class. It will ruin your teaching. Perfectionism blocks playfulness, it blocks your ability to solve problems, it blocks the...

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The Key to Excellent Health: Cleansing the Colon

Nothing has changed since Dr. John Harvey Kellogg said a century ago that “90% of diseases are due to improper functioning of the colon.

There is much talk today about the importance of colon cleansing, but how does having healthy intestines actually improve your health?

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Eye Contact?

Completely ignore any advice which tells you to avoid direct eye contact with your yoga students. When it comes to speaking to a person or group, whether in a yoga class, workshop, teacher training, a seminar, or simply a conversation with friends over lunch, a good...

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Hot Yoga: Standing Bow Tutorial

Watch video: How to do it Turn your right hand, palm facing out, thumb toward the back wall and elbow touching the side of your body (palm out, thumb back, elbow in). Pick up your right foot by the ankle, raise your left arm up to the ceiling, fingers together, and...

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