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Tomasz Goetel

“Who am I?”—that is the most important question. I have answered that question for myself. I have also answered the next question, which immediately follows the first one, “How to act in this world?” I try to be good and act as a force for Good. In particular, I am keen to ease other people’s unnecessary suffering.

I know miracles are everyone’s right, but purification is necessary first. Since early days I have been my own teacher, but always seeking out different teachings from different gurus. I became somewhat competent at Xing Yi boxing, Taoist Qigong, meditation, Hatha Yoga, body language and vocal tonality, dog psychology, and home cooking.

My experience dealing with a broad range of human behavior is rather extensive, due to my past employment as a problem-solver. My career has been filled with different experiences; for fifteen years, I was involved in casino operations and professional gambling. The casino jobs had me change places a lot, from Moscow to Monte Carlo to Miami.

I spent time at Atmanjai in Thailand, working both as a yoga teacher as well as detox/wellness consultant. I learned from Izzy Ben Natan and Starr Farish. Mr. Farish was a personal friend of Dr. Bernard Jensen (the creator of modern iridology and tissue cleansing detox methods.)

I continue to study with the good doctors: Dr. Bernard Jensen, Dr. Robert Morse, Dr. Viktor Frankl, Dr. Michael Greger, and Dr. John E. Sarno, as well as the good teachers: Fr. Sebastian Kneipp, Prof. Arnold Ehret, and Hilton Hotema.

I make probiotics for my own use and I share them with others.


Interested to know your own Big Five personality traits? Understand more from here

The Big Five

I am the happiest when connecting with people. I am exceptionally low in sensitivity to negative emotions such as pain, sadness, irritable or defensive anger, fear, and anxiety. When facing a serious, sustained, complex problem, I am able to cope well, very rarely worry, and recover quickly.

I’m blessed with a rather good head on my shoulders. I learn with rapidity. I can handle, and I love, a lot of information. I’m insatiably curious. I love to solve complex problems and will seek them out. I engage in complex, philosophical discussions, and love challenging, difficult books. I tend to be articulate and can formulate ideas clearly and quickly. I am able to understand new ideas or situations, usually quicker than others.

Knowing “the Big Five”, you will know that it must be not easy for me to live with myself (that’s a joke) with this peculiar combination:

  1. Agreeableness: Moderately Low (Compassion Moderately High, Politeness Very Low)
  2. Conscientiousness: Exceptionally High (Industriousness High, Orderliness Exceptionally High)
  3. Extraversion: Very High (Enthusiasm Moderately Low, Assertiveness Exceptionally High)
  4. Neuroticism: Exceptionally Low (Withdrawal Exceptionally Low, Volatility Exceptionally Low)
  5. Openness to Experience: Very High (Intellect Exceptionally High, Openness High)
Tomasz Goetel

I’m a registered yoga teacher at the advanced level with the Yoga Alliance (ERYT-200) and a Continued Education Provider (YACEP). Find out more


Master of Ceremony

Here’s the list of my skills for your amusement:

Casino Operations
◊ Table game operations: dealing, supervision, gaming lessons
◊ Gaming floor security and surveillance
◊ Counter card–counting, cheat prevention and spotting
◊ Table personnel basic training and continued education
◊ Professional dealing of poker games
◊ Poker psychology and body language skills
◊ Casino hospitality, player rating systems, VIP guest relations
◊ Gaming policy, procedure setting, control, mathematics and psychology of casino games, table rule modifications as a marketing tool
◊ Accounting: table drop counts, slot drop counts, reports, statistics, key control, audits

Crisis Management, Basic Firefighting, and Survival at Sea
I am certified for Crisis Handling at the managerial level

Wedding Procession, Master of Ceremony
◊ I’m a fully–qualified and experienced wedding celebrant of universal weddings

Dog Psychology
◊ Solving people’s dog–related problems
◊ Solving dogs’ problems
◊ Choosing a puppy, choosing a dog for adoption
◊ Healthy dog ownership

Yoga & Meditation Classes, Teacher Training, and the Business of Yoga Studio Operations
◊ Beginner Yoga Class expert teacher
◊ Hot Yoga expert teacher
◊ Gentle yoga and meditation tutor
◊ Experienced Yoga Teacher, registered with Yoga Alliance (ERYT-200)
◊ Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider (YACEP)
◊ Yoga class evaluation, feedback, and making improvements
◊ Teacher training, yoga retreat, and special event development
◊ Group events: preparation and facilitation
◊ Yoga studio business planning, development, facility planning
◊ Yoga studio to hot yoga studio conversions
◊ Maximizing efficiency, improvement of daily operations
◊ Staff training and motivation
◊ Membership pricing and class scheduling
◊ Flow design, maintenance
◊ Marketing, sales, retail, inventory, and accounting

Communication, Assessment, and Consulting
I give lessons in improvement of body language & tonality for interpersonal and inter-group needs
◊ People skills and Savoir-vivre
◊ Presentation skills
◊ I can maximize marketing, sales, and advertising of services

Wellness, Regenerative Detoxification, and Nutrition
Natural health and healthy habit coaching
◊ Detox program explanations, program assessments, post-cleanse recommendations
◊ Dr. Bernard Jensen’s bowel management for tissue cleansing
◊ Dr. Robert Morse’s regenerative detox methods
◊ Arnold Ehret’s Mucusless Diet and Rational Fasting

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