My work in Hot Yoga is like this

From my office wall, since my work is about making a change, making a difference…

Hot Yoga needs an upgrade – my approach to Hot Yoga, called the Hot Yoga Evolution, is the Hot Yoga 2.0 =)

Change! photo

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  1. Sarah says

    That is a bold statement! What makes ‘your’ (possessive?) yoga “Hot Yoga 2.0″? I would imagine there are other forms of hot yoga that are taking things to the next level, no?

    • says

      Hi Sarah! Thanks for reading my stuff. I appreciate your comment. I call “my” Hot Yoga, because I’m an independent teacher, as I make my own style of Hot Yoga happen – and “2.0”, because I continuously look for new ways of improving the quality of my teaching and thus want to upgrade the Students’ class-experience… Certainly, there are many wonderful Hot Yoga teachers, who are doing the same. Hope this answers your question.

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