Full Camel Pose, Poorna Ustrasana – Hot Yoga

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This is a powerful, energizing and exhilarating backbend.
Our Hot Yoga Evolution-style techniques can work well for any style of hot yoga… Bikram, Moksha, Barkan Method, Absolute Yoga…

Train in stages and proceed slowly.

Train at the speed of the body, yes? Make sure you are nicely warmed up.

Actually – when you are attempting the Full Camel – being quite tired at this point in your practice session would be helpful in ‘breaking through defenses’.

First, take at least 3 sets Camel Pose, Ustrasana.

Once in the 3rd set Camel: can you see your feet behind you or you are close to seeing your feet behind you?

If yes – then, the Full Camel is the next step.

  • Place your knees slightly wider apart, and feet slightly closer together, than Camel (Ustrasana). The feet may be pointing in a little.
  • Look back behind you, lift the chest and move backwards with your hands in prayer position – continue to arch your spine (Pic 1).
  • You may extend your arms more for a deeper stretch back and hang there for a while (Pic 2).
  • Find a way to place your hands on your feet, thumbs inside. Pause. (Pic 3).
  • Walk your hands up one at a time toward your heels, eventually ankles. Place your head between the feet.
  • Next step: chin to the floor, elbows together! (Pic 6).
How to come out of the Full Camel? Relax down to lying on your back (like Supta Virasana – Fixed Firm / Reclining Hero) or inhale and come up with hands on your lower back. Take a longer savasana to rest after the Full Camel!
Photos taken at Updog Studio Singapore.
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  1. says

    I like the prayer position entry, but I have reservations about not instructing the student to place their hands at the base of their spine to protect their lower back. I believe the prayer position entry might be better suited for more advanced practitioners. What are your thoughts Tomasz?

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