Tomasz Goetel

I teach yoga classes, tailored to the needs of the students

I’m an expert on yoga teacher education and training

I am good at connecting the dots and explaining things

I write

I believe in miracles. I know that consciousness exists before matter and our world is about energy, frequency and vibration. I’m crazy about learning what I want to learn. I actively pursue clarity in life, as well as health and longevity. I do something deeply or I don’t do it at all. And I love my mom.

Since early days, I have been my own teacher, but always seeking out different teachings from different teachers. I got a little into esoteric Christianity, did a bit of Taoist energy work, Xingyiquan, and meditation. (Actually, I did a lot of qigong, xyq and meditation, haha) At some point, I became somewhat competent at card counting, serious poker, non-verbal communication and voice skills.

I’ve finished writing my first book titled ‘Voice: For All Instructors’, it will be published in early 2017.

Tomasz Goetel

My career has been filled with many amazing experiences. For fifteen years, I was involved in professional casino gambling and casino operations, which had me change places a lot.

I taught yoga classes, serving as an assistant to Jimmy Barkan in the United States.

I opened, grew and eventually sold my own yoga company, Yoga Evolution Phuket, which enjoyed a seven-year successful run, serving thousands of clients and receiving numerous praise for both the hospitality and quality of yoga.

I created my own style of yoga, called the Hot Yoga Evolution.

I taught big and small yoga classes, special programs, retreats and teacher training courses in the USA, Thailand, Germany, Switzerland, China, Indonesia, and Singapore, as a part of my Yoga Expert Academy education suite.


At Atmanjai in Phuket, I serve as a teacher and consultant. Atmanjai is a wellness center, which specializes in healing and yoga.

I’m an experienced teacher, in the past 12 years I taught over 12,000 hours. By appointment, I teach gentle yoga and private meditation classes, as well as personal training sessions for yoga teachers by Skype.

Recently, I finished running a yoga teacher training in Switzerland. We have set up another for the summer 2017.

If you want to read something important, please take a while to read this.

Now, my world and I are going for a walk.


Detox, Yoga, and Wellness

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Hot Yoga Teacher Training in Switzerland

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