I often hear a piece of advice, commonly given to Yoga teachers: be authentic! This is perhaps a very good advice, I would just like to investigate it more closely. At first glance, I may have a problem here: what if the Yoga teacher is a “clumsy” person? Or what if the teacher speaks in a […]

Improve your ability

There are 2 grand ways of DRAMATICALLY improving your ability to teach public Yoga classes: 1. Stop doing “bad things” in your teaching. 2. Make the “good things” you do even better. (I recommend to stick to that order: cut out some shit, then improve some other shit.) “Bad things” yoga teachers do? Some random […]

Someone better

If you think that someone teaches a better Yoga class than you, their class is far, far better. If you think that you are both about the same, their class is distinctly better than yours. If you feel that their Yoga class is inferior, then your classes are actually the same standard.

Yoga teacher’s communication: words, tonality, physiology

Did you know that the words you speak only account for about 7 percent of a successful communication? The tonality of your voice (how you sound aside from words) accounts for 38 percent. Many people spend a lot of time worrying about what they’re going to say, whereas they probably would be better off trying […]

Happy – grateful

When you speak to someone, the very first thing you want them to feel is that you are happy, especially if that person has never met you before. Exude happiness, then they will think, “Why is that person so happy? And “I wish I was happy”. Then they will give you their attention, and you […]

Yoga teacher: the voice fills the room

Do you teach group Yoga classes in a studio, gym, or another public space? Stop aiming your voice at the students in class. Aim to fill the whole space of the room. This way, your students will not only hear you, but also feel you. Your voice must resonate all around… You will come across more confident, stronger and […]


The Hot Yoga Evolution is designed to be a sustainable practice! This enables cultivation, and its effect: the self-transformation of the Practitioner. If the practice is not sustainable, bad things happen: injuries, burn out, the practice is given up. For me, there are 2 main points that create “sustain-ability” in Hatha Yoga. The practice must […]

Improve your way with language

Thom Yorke, the frontman from mega-band Radiohead, was asked what he thought his biggest strength was. He answered: “That I don’t know what I am doing.” That may work very well for a rockstar artist… For a Yoga teacher, that’s perhaps not the most beneficial attitude. Here are a few useful way of improving your way […]


People often make a mistake of stretching the muscles that don’t need stretching, and not stretching the muscles that need it. If we are stretching in a good form, and we do not feel any tightness, that muscle doesn’t need that particular stretch.  

Hot Yoga Dialogue

Hot Yoga dialogue, AKA script, AKA memorize-4,000-10,000-words-to-teach-a-90-minute-class? Many people are asking me if this is a good method of teaching, should they take a training based on dialogue, and why am I against script-based way of teaching. Let me give you some food for thought. Firstly, I am not AGAINST dialogue. I am FOR speaking […]

For hot yoga teachers, a direct question

Do you honestly care about your students’ well-being, or are you just massaging your ego? The answer to this question is essential for further teaching development. If you’re interested in your Students’ satisfaction, your learning will continue, and your classes will thrive – you yourself will feel more and more satisfied the longer you teach. […]

Yoga Teachers: eye contact

Please completely ignore any advice which mentions “looking at a distant object” or avoiding direct eye contact with your Students. When it comes to speaking to people, in public situations, whether in a yoga class, workshop, teacher training, a seminar, or simply a conversation with friends over lunch, a good eye contact signals that the […]