Practice Teaching

Okay. I am writing about “Practice Teaching” – a somewhat controversial idea, which has stirred up mixed emotions in the Yoga teacher community. In everyday teaching situations, many Yoga teachers appear a bit tired, a bit bored and lack in expressing their passion. Their appearance is often a bit stiff and uncomfortable, or “blank” and […]

New teachers: nervous and no confidence?

At the beginning of their teaching career, most of new yoga teachers out there struggle with unwanted nervousness and the lack confidence, when it comes to teaching classes. This is bad news, because teaching Yoga is a dream come true for many of us, and it certainly should not bring us anxiety, or any other […]

Multiple Skills

Teaching a good yoga class requires an efficient and proficient set of multiple skills. The expression of the body, tonality, intelligence and empathy work together in the right location, enabling the teacher to lead a group of students through the sequence of yogic exercises. In order for us to develop and improve those skills, they […]

Self-practice 101

The core of a Hatha Yoga teacher’s practice is in a daily self-practice. There’s nothing wrong with going to a Yoga class, but that’s not practice. That’s entertainment. Self-practice means that I practice by myself. No teacher, no DVD, no yogaglo, no friends, no instagram, no lululemon. Self practice. Savvy? And for a Hot Yoga […]

Zhan Zhuang

As far as I can see, most of the Yogis these days are busy with taking photos of themselves for Instagram or yoga-photo competitions hehe. Just kidding. I’m seeing a lot of gymnastically-oriented practices, transitions, arm-balances, “acrobatic” inversions. Doesn’t anyone hold a yoga posture anymore, like we used to (before the internet happened) hehe. I must […]

2 Thoughts on Teaching Classes

1. If we are not able to offer modifications for beginners, while keeping the flow of the class – we’re not ready to teach yet! We need more training to improve our “ability”. 2. If we are teaching a multi-level Yoga class, and some “stiff” beginner cannot do the postures through applying modifications, we are teaching […]

Assisting / Hands On / Adjustments

  My level II Yoga teacher training called “The Game Changers” is coming up soon. This will be the fifth time we run this one-week program. The content of the curriculum is customized to the needs of the Participants, as this is a continued education program for already certified Yoga teachers. In the past trainings, one of the […]

Stinky yoga clothes and a bad breath?

Wouldn’t you agree that my ability to teach a Yoga class could be technically powerful, charismatic, and inspired – and it would be good for nothing, if my yoga clothes smelled and I were attacking my students with a bad breath??? Once, someone told me that they took a weekend intensive, a special event, with one […]


I often hear a piece of advice, commonly given to Yoga teachers: be authentic! This is perhaps a very good advice, I would just like to investigate it more closely. At first glance, I may have a problem here: what if the Yoga teacher is a “clumsy” person? Or what if the teacher speaks in a […]

Instructor? Teacher?

A yoga instructor teaches a sequence of yoga postures. A yoga teacher teaches yoga. What is the difference between the yoga sequence and yoga? That’s the part that the teacher has got figured out… Have you?If someone is teaching a yoga class from A to Z, and they are ONLY delivering instructions (spine, pelvis, ankle, […]

Improve your ability

There are 2 grand ways of DRAMATICALLY improving your ability to teach public Yoga classes: 1. Stop doing “bad things” in your teaching. 2. Make the “good things” you do even better. (I recommend to stick to that order: cut out some shit, then improve some other shit.) “Bad things” yoga teachers do? Some random […]

Yoga teacher: the voice fills the room

Do you teach group Yoga classes in a studio, gym, or another public space? Stop aiming your voice at the students in class. Aim to fill the whole space of the room. This way, your students will not only hear you, but also feel you. Your voice must resonate all around… You will come across more confident, stronger and […]