Self-practice 101

The core of a Hatha Yoga teacher’s practice is in a daily self-practice. There’s nothing wrong with going to a Yoga class, but that’s not practice. That’s entertainment. Self-practice means that I practice by myself. No teacher, no DVD, no yogaglo, no friends, no instagram, no lululemon. Self practice. Savvy? And for a Hot Yoga […]

No one was really paying attention

No one was really paying attention, but in the Yoga room, the teacher was looking down toward the floor often, and occasionally she’d be looking up toward the people in front of her. Sometimes, she’d take a quick glance at herself in the mirror. That’s when her hands would re-arrange the clothing around her waist. […]

Zhan Zhuang

As far as I can see, most of the Yogis these days are busy with taking photos of themselves for Instagram or yoga-photo competitions hehe. Just kidding. I’m seeing a lot of gymnastically-oriented practices, transitions, arm-balances, “acrobatic” inversions. Doesn’t anyone hold a yoga posture anymore, like we used to (before the internet happened) hehe. I must […]

2 Thoughts on Teaching Classes

1. If we are not able to offer modifications for beginners, while keeping the flow of the class – we’re not ready to teach yet! We need more training to improve our “ability”. 2. If we are teaching a multilevel Yoga class, a some “stiff” beginner cannot do the postures through applying modifications, we are teaching […]

Assisting / Hands On / Adjustments

  My level II Yoga teacher training called “The Game Changers” is coming up soon. This will be the fifth time we run this one-week program. The content of the curriculum is customized to the needs of the Participants, as this is a continued education program for already certified Yoga teachers. In the past trainings, one of the […]


I often hear a piece of advice, commonly given to Yoga teachers: be authentic! This is perhaps a very good advice, I would just like to investigate it more closely. At first glance, I may have a problem here: what if the Yoga teacher is a “clumsy” person? Or what if the teacher speaks in a […]

Yoga teacher: the voice fills the room

Do you teach group Yoga classes in a studio, gym, or another public space? Stop aiming your voice at the students in class. Aim to fill the whole space of the room. This way, your students will not only hear you, but also feel you. Your voice must resonate all around… You will come across more confident, stronger and […]


The Hot Yoga Evolution is designed to be a sustainable practice! This enables cultivation, and its effect: the self-transformation of the Practitioner. If the practice is not sustainable, bad things happen: injuries, burn out, the practice is given up. For me, there are 2 main points that create “sustain-ability” in Hatha Yoga. The practice must […]

Teaching Yoga, learning, skills, approach

It is not helpful to judge whether someone is a better or worse Yoga teacher than you. Usually, you’d get it wrong, and that doesn’t help the process of improvement. Assume that others are the same as you, connect with them, then something interesting happens: you begin to grow, without judgement. It is very important […]

Improve your way with language

Thom Yorke, the frontman from mega-band Radiohead, was asked what he thought his biggest strength was. He answered: “That I don’t know what I am doing.” That may work very well for a rockstar artist… For a Yoga teacher, that’s perhaps not the most beneficial attitude. Here are a few useful way of improving your way […]

The discovery

It is as if I don’t really know how to teach my Yoga class, until I get in front of the Yoga students. At that moment, I discover my job. Thinking about the craft of teaching, reading about teaching, participating in teacher training activities, and “practicing” teaching are just the preparation for the discovery. In […]