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Tomasz Goetel

Hi, apple eaters and those who don’t eat apples (I think that covers everyone). Welcome.

I’m an ordinary person.

I’m a bad guy but I’m trying not to be—and that’s something good.

I spent 15 years as a casino games operator and professional gambler where my work had me travel from Moscow to Monte Carlo to Miami. Today, I know there are higher things than my ego’s will and to these I must bow. In the second half of my life, I know that is true what The Pixies sang, “if Man is five then the Devil is six; and if the Devil is six, then God is seven.”

After another 15 years working as a yoga teacher, studio owner, and yoga course director—now on a sabbatical leave from teaching yoga—I can make myself useful to others as a detox consultant at Atmanjai, a wellness center in Thailand. Regenerative detoxification, cold water therapy, dietetics, and natural hygiene are the other areas of my studies, where I’m diving deeper into the methods of Dr. Bernard Jensen, Dr. Robert Morse, Fr. S. Kneipp, Arnold Ehret, and H. Hotema.

I live a fulfilled life. The most important thing for me is to not be stupid. I study. Interested in a psychological interpretation of religious Judeo-Christian mythology, I want to see whether my life can contribute to its update. 

Past Work:

Hot Yoga Phuket

Yoga Expert Academy



My Book Is Published

I’ve spent time studying and teaching body language and tonality, which need to be incorporated as skills by any competent yoga teacher, educator, or speaker.

Based on my experience in the past teaching yoga classes and teacher training programs, I wrote the book titled “Your Voice, Your Success”, which is available on Amazon.

This website isn’t selling anything.

I’ve taken an indefinite break from teaching yoga classes and teacher training. There’s a yoga class with me posted online here

If you want, send an email or send me a message and I will get back to you

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